Khiyo is officially releasing its first track on 26th March, Bangladesh Independence Day. Listen and share, thank you ! Amar Shonar BANGLA….. AMAZINGLY SUNG.. and Salute and gratitude to KHIYO..




About saifthesquarepeg

As the name of my blog reads; I am a square peg in a round hole. Personality complex yet love simple things in life. Getting wet in the first rain is something I have done since I was 7 years old. Even today I can drop my suit and do it. I hate it when people put life into boxes and definitions. Love, relationships, looks, intelligence etc. I am very comfortable having semi nude picture of mine on my facebook account and yet debate on an world issue. A number of people say it does not suit my personality. My question is "why cant some look like a model and can be smart too?" Male? good looking? DUMB! REALLY?? I am not being a narcissist. But I aint BAD ;) ( well they dont have an wink emoticon here). I love creativity and I feel every creating a business getting new solutions and new ideas to business is creativity. I am a businessman by profession and an art lover at soul. I love to think outside that round hole ( or the box); solutions on machine operations based on physics learned in 9th grade is common sense. I paint, write, listen to music, and now guess will love to blog. My friends convinced me I should have a blog. I am mean and sarcasm is my middle name. I am a devil's advocate at times. I love connecting with strangers. Travel is a my passion. The banks of River Danube in Budapest is the most tranquil place in the world. There is no sound more soothing than the sound of the sea; and no music more soothing than Robindro Shongeet. Give me a shout and we shall connect and we get to know each other more.
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